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Gallery 8: Miscellaneous - At The Scene

This gallery contains photographs of the helicopter in action and at the scene of incidents.

Princes Risborough 22-04-2005 near Princes Risborough(Photo: A. Broom)
Shifford Crescent 18-05-2005: A resident watches as the Air Ambulance takes off from a patch of grass near the Cliveden View shops. It was not needed on this occasion. (Photo: R. Porter)
Abingdon 30-07-2005 near RAF Benson, Abingdon (Photo: A. Broom)
Harry's Wood 02-05-2006: G-TVAM near Scotsgrove Mill, a couple of miles north east of Thame. (Photo: Mark Harvey)
Shiplake Cross 05-02-2008: The “paraffin budgie” attending to an accident at Shiplake Cross on the Henley Road. The photo was posted on Flickr by “recycled teenager”, whom we shall be pleased to credit if he gets in touch.
D-HECU The new helicopter was originally registered as D-HECU, the 14th to carry that registration, in Germany. It is seen at Donauwörth/Eurocopter Heliport, 2008 (photo: Hans Ingenpass)
G-HBOB Now in TVAC colours but without other signage, G-HBOB was delivered from Eurocopter's UK base at Oxford Airport, Kidlington to Bond Air Services at Staverton, Gloucestershire (photo: Keith C. Wilson)
Ferrari Fun Day G-HBOB on display at the third Ferrari Fun Day at Newbury Showground on 20th July 2008. More pictures here.
Benson Registration: G-HBOB
Maunfactured by Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH. in 2008
Model: EC135 T2+
Register no.: EASA R.009
Serial no.: 0664
Amersham 20100104 One of two women injured in this crash in Amersham on 31st December 2009 was taken to hospital by the Air Ambulance.
G-HBOB in the snow G-HBOB on duty in Oxfordshire amid sheep and snow in January 2010. Photo not attributed.
G-HBOB in Buckingham 22nd March 2010 - The air ambulance attended an accident involving a motorcycle and a lorry at the junction of Addington Road and Moreton Road, Buckingham shortly before 9am. The motorcyclist was airlifted to hospital. (Bucks Fire and Rescue Service)
Monks Risborough 29th July 2010 - St Dunstans Park, Monks Risborough by “adlee”
London Helipad G-HBOB on London Helipad (“kertappa”). More photos from “kertappa” here. 26th August 2010
Unknown Lost the details of this one.
Unknown Lost the details of this one.
Seaclose G-HBOB taking off from Seaclose on the Isle of Wight on a hospital transfer flight on 6th December 2010 (John Ambler). More of John's photos here.
John Radcliffe Stunning shot of G-HBOB on the helipad at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. (Posted by “KCK” on flickr.) 18th February 2011

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