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These galleries contain photos of the air ambulance and some fundraising events, mostly taken by the webmaster but including some sourced elsewhere on the web or provided by fellow volunteers and enthusiasts (credited where known). It does not include photos originally supplied by TVAC for its own site or photos taken specifically for TVAC, such as cheque presentations. These may be available on the official site.

Windsor Racecourse 2015 L: New helicopter G-TVAL at Windsor Racecourse, 29th September 2015
WLAC 2013 L: WLAC Members’ Day 2013, White Waltham
R: Chairman’s Hog Roast, Wycombe Abbey School, 27th August 2014
Wycombe Abbey
WLAC 2012 L: WLAC Members’ Day 2012, White Waltham
R: Cookham Dean Gravity Grand Prix, 9th September 2012
Cookham Dean
Seaclose L: G-HBOB at Seaclose, IoW, 2-12-2010, pictures by John Ambler
R: G-HBOB at Bird Hills Golf Centre, 15th August 2012
G-HBOB at Bird Hills
Ferraris L: Ferrari Fun Day, 19th July 2009, Newbury Showground
R: West London Aero Club Members’ Day 2010
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
Ferraris L: Ferrari Fun Day, 20th July 2008, Newbury Showground
R: G-KRNW flies in from Cornwall, 8th April 2008
WLAC Members Day L: West London Aero Club Member’s Day, 8th September 2007
R: Ferrari Fun Day, 12th August 2007 - even more fun at Highclere Castle.
Ferrari Fun Day 2007
Rosbifs and Snails L: The Compleat Angler, Marlow, 23rd June 2007 Ross Brawn starts the Rosbifs & Snails tour to Monaco.
R: Helicopter in Action - photos of the helicopter in action and at the scene.
Miscellaneous 2
Ferrari Enzo L: Ferrari Fun Day, 23rd July 2006 - photos from Highclere Castle
R: West London Aero Club Members' Day, 10th September 2006 - White Waltham
WLAC Members Day 2006
White Waltham L: The Bölkow 105 - the previous workhorse of the Trust.
R: The Fuselage Trailer - a popular attraction at events which was retired in 2007.
Fuselage Trailer

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